NSGN T-Shirt Order Form

Here it is people, so enjoy!

Shirts look like this:


(Pictures are of the same shirt, some taken with camera flash on and some with it off. Shirt color is dark blue)

The shirt is "Tagless T", so no annoying tag!

They cost:
(Quite affordable!)

Payment methods are:
Pay In Person
(for people who live in austin texas, they can personally get the payment to me)
Money Order In The Mail
(Sending a money order to NSGN via the U.S. Postal Service. Money Orders Only Please!)

Shipping Costs:
(If you're too far away from Austin, Texas to get one from me)
$3 (USA)
If you're outside of the US, please specify this on the order
form and we'll talk about payment/shipping options.

So order with the form below, and enjoy spreading the news about NSGN, and Jesus Christ!


Your Name (first and last):   example: Brandon Bluestein

Your email address:   example: webmaster@nsgn.net

Number of shirts you want:

Shirt Size:

Your method of payment:


Your shipping information:
(If you choose USA or International shipping)
Brandon Cheese
1234 I can count lane
Town, City  77777
(^Not a real address^)

Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment.
Obviously, refunds shouldn't be needed, because if a shirt
turns out badly, I'll replace it before I ship it!

Please be sure you have filled out all necessary fields correctly before submitting your order!